Rule number 1 (or 2 or 3) : never say « I’ll be back » !

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One of the advantages – and disadvantages – when living in Europe is that most cities are easy to reach. However, it has a price, and it requires to have some available time. But when you are having a good time in Vienna or London, do you really care about these details ? Ok, maybe you do; I don’t!

That is why living in Europe can be a disadvantage for unreasonable and poor people like me: if I lived in a place where cities where too far away from each other or, if it was too expensive to go from a place to another, I wouldn’t always find myself saying “see you very soon!”. But, well, it takes something like one hour and a half to reach London, Seville or Rome by plane, I think I may be pardoned for being so easily tempted to say it. Now, I have to make a choice between all the places where I want to come back and those where I haven’t been yet.

Except the fact that as far as I am concerned, I can be pretty unreasonable regarding travels – which explains that I have to eat pastas once back home, many Europeans actually have this habit to think that Europe is such a small place that they can go anywhere wherever they want – or almost… which tends to be a problem if anywhere means all the places where I have been already.

Yet, I have tried to be reasonable, really. I have promised to come back only to my favourite places. This way, I thought it would be easier to make a choice, put aside the fact that the places where I want to come back are cities I have completely fallen in love with! By the way that could be a could topic for a next post: how have I fallen in love with … ? But let’s be brief!

So this year, I will have to make a choice between:

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Oh and then, I will have to think about the places that I want to discover. So wish me luck!


From pastas to travels!

pastasEat well, travel often: what if you cannot do both? Like most people, you have probably chosen food; I have chosen to travel “often” – something like twice a year. I am a student, which means little job, little purse. Actually, the foodie I am have enough money to buy delicious fondants or mouth-watering beefsteaks, but then I would have no money for my travels. The biggest tragedy of my life!

Like when going to the supermarket, all I can afford is cheap and icky food like these little pots of brown water with sugar they dare to call a chocolate cream! You know, “food” with a thousand ingredients whose name you cannot understand – and it’s probably better this way. I would never eat such things: basically, I buy some fruits, vegetables, and mostly, pastas.  How hard it is!

Ok, I was just kidding: let’s say that’s the art of compromise! But that is something that people often tell me, like if I was making a terrible sacrifice : “why do you deprive yourself from the things you like the most?”. Actually, that is why it is not such a big deal for me: I love food, but I love travelling more. I need money: so I eat pastas! The lack of understanding of some people actually makes me think of these girls always saying they want to have a perfect body but are not ready to work hard for it.

My point is that we have to know what counts the most for us. If there is something that is really important in your life, but which implies to make some concessions, then make them!

Sans titre 3My English is terrible so don’t hesitate to tell me if I make mistakes!